The genesis of the facilities at Nanoli was in early 1994, when the Nanoli Stud & Agricultural Farm was established. Over the years, the management’s vision has led to the evolution of the farm into a verdant green expanse with thousands of trees dotting the landscape. The property is bounded on one side by the Sahayadri mountain range and on the other by the perennial Indrayani river.

In 2018, the vision for the expanse extended into incorporating and developing India’s first and only luxury motorsport resort. The infrastructure is class leading and open to members and their guests.

Management Team

Khushroo Dhunjibhoy

Chairman Mr. Khushroo Dhunjibhoy, or KND as he is popularly known, balances a very active lifestyle between his shipping business, his passion for horse racing, the breeding of quality thoroughbreds at Nanoli and Capricorn Stud Farms and his love for travel, especially to East and South Africa to appreciate in the wide variety of wild life.

Zahir Dhunjibhoy

Managing Director Zahir brings over three decades of experience in designing and executing business strategy, brand value creation and forging strategic partnerships. He leads the organization’s talent acquisition and creative direction. His passion for motorsports coupled with his fine taste in all things luxury will add an unrivalled paradigm to Nanoli Speedway and its patrons.

Roos Dhunjibhoy

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Anosha Dhunjibhoy

Director Sports & Wellness Anosha has her masters in environmental health sciences and is committed to furthering public health and sustainability. She heads all outdoor sports facilities at Nanoli Speedway. An avid tennis player and horse rider, Anosha is also leading the equestrian division and the breeding of dressage warmbloods.

Shakir Gangjee

Chief Executive Officer With over 20 years of business experience in industries including, software development, risk management, finance (M&A and Private Equity) and hospitality, Shakir brings a breadth and depth of managerial experience to Nanoli Speedway. He is passionate about building high performing teams in order to deliver class leading products and services.

Farhan Vohra

Chief Operating Officer Equal parts intense and jolly, Farhan is a passionate senior motorsports executive with over 25 years of technical and operational expertise

  • Recognised as “Outstanding Motorsport Official” by the FIA.
  • Chairman, Circuits Commission for Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI).
  • Distinguished position of the first and only Indian globally to hold a Super licence issued by the world governing bodies of motor sport, Federation International de l’ Automobile (FIA) and Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).
  • Conducted numerous National and International motorsports events with responsibility of restructuring National Competition Rules for Circuit Racing in accordance with International Standards.
  • Actively involved in Circuit construction, management and safety for motorsports in India.
  • First Indian appointed by the FiA as a Circuit Inspector