Stud Farm

The world class Nanoli Stud Farm is entering a brand new era by building on its 25 year legacy of passion and pride.  Reputed as one of the finest in the Indian thoroughbred breeding industry, the farm is home to some of the finest thoroughbreds in the nation.  The stud farm has mastered breeding by creating a synergy between age-old traditional equine wisdom and knowledge with the latest in technology.

Riding Lessons

Nanoli Equestrian will offer horse riding lessons from beginner to advanced level riders. The school horses are suited for beginners without prior experience, as well as, for intermediate riders that are keen to take part in competitions and further develop their skills. Qualified instructors are there to teach individual and group lessons at a British Horse Society standard.


Nanoli Equestrian accommodates privately owned horses. Our livery clients will have access to premium stable management, scientifically proven feed plans and a tailored turnout and exercise schedule for each horse. Clients can ride independently or with the guidance of an instructor. Furthermore, livery clients will have a priority place in our clinics that will be hosted by internationally acclaimed instructors.


Dressage is described by the FEI as the highest expression of horse training, where the horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements in accurate form with minimal visible aids. Nanoli Equestrian will offer regular dressage clinics with top international instructors for our advanced riders and livery clients. At Nanoli, our covered indoor and outdoor dressage arena ensures that clients can keep their horses in training throughout the seasons.

Show Jumping

Show jumping demonstrates the skill of horsemanship where horse and rider navigate through a course of jumps.

 Nanoli Equestrian offers training in show jumping, in a state-of-the-art outdoor jumping arena with breathtaking views into the surrounding hills. The school horses offer an excellent basis for training and building confidence in the discipline of show jumping, while international coaches will host clinics to train and improve towards higher competitive standards.

Trail Rides

A unique experience offered at Nanoli is our guided trail rides. Beginner horse riders can be assisted by our well-trained grooms around the stunning property, and experienced riders can explore the beautiful countryside with a guide. Trail rides can range from half an hour to three hours when clients can experience village life, explore the waterfalls and hills and take in the breathtaking views.